Washing the leotard


How NOT to wash a gymnastics leotards.

 washing leotard for rhythmic gymnastics – Do NOT wash in hot water!!!

 – Do NOT soak!

 – Do NOT wash leotards for gymnastics for several days after crystals gluing!

 – Do NOT wash gymnastics suits for as long as possible after painting!

– Do NOT wash in the washing machine!!!

– Do NOT squeeze (do not twist)!!!

– Do NOT bleach!!!!

– Do NOT iron!

– Do NOT dry  gymnastics leotards with the aid of different devices for drying!

– Do NOT wash someone else’s leotard without the permission of the owner (if borrowed)!

– Do NOT hang to dry if the product is still water flowing!

– NOT to send to the Laundry!

– Do NOT wash with soap, shampoos and other personal care products!


 How TO WASH a rhythmic gymnastics leotards


– Pour into a basin with cold or lukewarm water (not more than 30°C).

– Dissolve in water high quality liquid detergent for colored clothes washing or use baby soap.

– Gently RUB the soiled areas with your hands.

– Gently rinse gymnastics costumes in clean water.

– Spread out a towel on the dryer and put leotard on it in a horizontal position.

– Put a towel inside a leotards for gymnastics  (the towel must be light, preferably white).

– Wait until the water drips off and soaks into the towel.

– Put the gymnastics leotards on a hanger and wait until it becomes dry.

 That’s the whole process of washing leotard for rhythmic gymnastics!


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