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Gymnastics leotards for girls Lemanad

Gymnastics leotards for girls Lemanad 405

We can sew to order any of these rhythmic gymnastics leotards

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5 Responses to leotard-22

  1. Ines says:

    Hi how to know about the size and the price for this leotard? Thanks

  2. LeMaNaD says:

    hi, this leo sold

  3. Eva says:

    Hi how could I purchase this leotard later in the year because I am highly interested in this particular one.I would like to know the price and the size to make sure my buy is worth while. Thank you and I hope to be purchasing this beautiful master piece if possible.

  4. Eva says:

    And how could I get one made to order?

  5. LeMaNaD says:

    All questions you can send to my mail leotardsrg@gmail.com

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